Open Gardens West Coast Inc. was established in August 2016.  It is a West Australian volunteer-based not for profit organisation run entirely by a team of enthusiastic volunteers -garden lovers, designers, horticulturists, garden owners and more.   Why not join in?
All proceeds of our activities are retained in WA and go toward developing our annual program, and projects that fit within our aims as detailed in our constitution.

We aim to

  • Facilitate the opening of gardens in Western Australia for public viewing
  • Promote the enjoyment and benefits of gardening and gardens
  • Encourage community engagement in gardening by promoting horticultural education, garden design, ecological sustainability and other activities
  • Cooperate with and participate in activities with other organisations which have similar objects


Our Constitution

Click here to see a copy of our constitution

Our Committee
Chair Kieran Kelly
Deputy Chair Kathleen Leaman
Treasurer Mike Ansell
Secretary Anne Clifford

Committee Members

Janet Weeden
Cynthia Mahony
Ardea Murphy
Joy Ross
Wanda Baginski
Penny Warnock
Sandra Murphy